Sponsors and Contributors

The following partners are directly responsible for the Star Racing events.


Penta Sports


To most fans, PENTA is known for its successful teams in the most popular sports of the UEE. However, it is also an emerging company with a wide range of services. Be it in logistics, space cartography, security solutions, research or trade, the name PENTA stands for quality and innovation.


Per Capita Live

PerCapita has been interested in eSports commentary since the late 00's, and started backing Star Citizen in 2012. With Star Racing he found his opportunity to combine those two loves into one great pastime and looks forward to any future events with Star Racing. You can find him online at twitch.tv/PerCapitaLive for his regularly scheduled Star Citizen streams.


Altama Energy

Leader in next-generation fuels. Altama Energy is a proud supporter of Star Racing events, and supplier of all performance energy products used within races. Visit the Altama Energy website today, and start your career in the 'verse.