Race Teams



Imperial corporation, one of the most active Russian teams in Star Citizen. Our racers have 2 years of experience in racing competitions and regularly take the leading positions in the leaderboard.
"The victory of racer - the victory of whole corporation" - with such an inspiring slogan, our pilots represent the corporation in international competitions (STAR RACING SUMMER CUP 2018 - 1st and 2nd, Crux Cup 2017, Slavic Tournament).

RUSTEC conducts individual training of racers, making them ready to take place among the racing stars.
Our best speedsters pilots: Gordon-F, Rudnev, Big~Leo, AirPsy~Ivan.

RUSTEC actively participates in the developing history of space racing in UEE and left  an indelible mark in the official highscores table

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If you checked the racing leaderboards during the past years, chances are you are accustomed to seeing the orange pentagon. A small community branch of the PENTA Sports esport organisation, this squad features one of the longest-standing and most successful racing crews in the game. Be it in Crux Cup, RAC grand open or StarRacing Cups, Penta’s racers have competed at the highest level and keep striving to match the performance of the professional athletes in PENTA Sports’ other teams.


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Originally a mining and exploration organization, New Frontier Initiative (NFI) began running their transport pilots through some racing exercises as a way to improve the overall piloting skill. Quite a few of these pilots grew to thoroughly enjoy racing, and quickly rose through the ranks. This prompted the org to create and field it's own racing team, calling it NF-1. Be on the lookout for NF-1 at all major events in the future, as they are here to stay.

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