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StarRacing is organizing frequent racing events in Star Citizen’s Murray Cup gamemode. Sign-ups are done via the StarRacing Discord.

StarRacing Cups are split into 2 classes:

  • A highspeed class featuring the current top ships (Origin 350R / Origin M50 / MISC Razor)

  • An open class featuring all usable ships except for the ones in the highspeed class

The races of the highspeed class are flown on Defford Link, the ones of the open class on Rikkord Memorial Raceway. Up to 24 players can enter each class using the corresponding #registration channel on the StarRacing discord.

Pilots are allowed to fly in both classes of an event.

Last minute signups will be allowed in case of empty slots or no-shows.

Depending on the number of signups, 2-4 groups of up to 6 randomly assigned racers are created per class.

Races are done in a single elimination format where the top players advance to the next stage (usually the best 2 or 3 racers will advance from a race, depends on player numbers).

If you sign up for racing, please make sure to double-check your timezones and add our admins to your friends list for faster lobby invites. After a short check-in phase, tournaments start with the open class races. After the open class finals, the highspeed class races begin.

Competitors should be in a voice-lobby on the SR discord where they will be notified about their races (even if you don’t have a mic it’s easier for our admins to check attendance and talk to all racers of a group at once rather than text 6 guys individually)


Upcoming Events


Race Teams

An introduction of the most prominent teams known to frequent the StarRacing Cups


Race Sponsors

The respected partners of the Star Racing community. Responsible for the successful activities within our league.

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